Bird Watching


Bird Watching

I've had an interest in bird watching for years - not however an interest that I would rank anywhere near Twitcher status. I have never gone rushing off in pursuit of some rare species, my bird watching, I like to do as part of a holiday or a weekend break. Thankfully, I have found, and nurtured, like minded interest in my grandson Jacob, with whom, I spend many hours walking and bird watching together. It's also encouraging that Ben, largely through his fascination with photography, is also getting a liking for the pursuit, he is still not to keen on spending hours sitting in hides, he prefers to be out and about, with the bird watching part of the photo session and not its entirety.


Above:GreenFinch at home

Above:GoldFinch at home

Above:Bewick Swan

Above:BullFinch-at home

Above:Bluetit-Bolam Country Park

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