Joanne and Family


Joanne and Family

An extended family that Pam & I welcomed whole heartedly into our fold.

Above: This picture was taken at number 4 on the occasion of our 40th wedding anniversary. We and a number of our guests had come back to the bungalow, having had a marvellous lunch at Colwick Hall. For those that dont know our extended family, you have, on our Joannes left Emma, then Rachel and finally another Joanne, who is nicknamed Jo2 to save confusion.

Sadly after many months of illness Jo2 passed away on January 4th 2018, a very sad loss to us and the family, but especially so to our Joanne. Joanne had made her life around Jo2 since she came to live with Joanne, along with girls, after the breakdown of Jo2's marriage, some 20 or more years ago. Since that day the three of them have become a major part in our Joannes life. With both girls, now maturing young ladies and leading their own lives, Emma already having moved to live in Plymouth, and with Rachel also not far off leaving the adopted nest, Jo2's passing will leave a massive hole in our daughters life, which will be difficult for her to fill, but not impossible we hope, for her sake.

The pictures above 1) at Centre Parcs celebrating our birthdays - my 65th - 2) At Pams 60th birthday party and 3) at our 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrations.

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