Southport Weekend (November)



Pam & I have attended the Square Dancing weekend ever since 2013, neither of us can recall who initially got us interested, but are grateful to who-ever it was. We have had some very enjoyable times not just the occasions when we are dancing, but with the company of friends, who also attend. The weekend gives you an opportunity to explore the area, either within Southport itself, or further afield to Liverpool or more recently in 2016 Preston. The weather is not always kind to us, with winds, rain and occasionally cold, but nevertheless it's still a cheap weekend away.

Above:Picture taken at the 2016 event, showing friends on our table for the Gala dinner on the Saturday night, prior to an evenings dancing and entertainment.

Above:Pictures taken from the gallery of the ballroom, used for the whole weekend, showing dancers in action, to calling by John Boxall. The event woudn't take place without the work behind the scenes of Brian Summerfield, when having done all the work prior to the event, also puts in an excellent performance as caller throughout the weekend.

Above: Square Dance in action!!!!!!

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