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OO Scale

I've had a long time interest in railways, being a "trainspotter" as soon as mum and dad would let me out of their sight. The interest in model railways I assume came from spotting the real things. I was fortunate that I was able to start my own model railway at an early age, taking over the front room, the best room, for the purpose, when I would have been 9 or 10, with my parents blessing and expenditure. I wouldnt say that my parents were well off, infact far from it. They both worked very, very hard to survive, but still found funds to start me on a craze that lasts right up to present day. Yes the craze wained when other distractions came along - I dont think I'm unique in that respect. Over the years I have dabbled with a layout as space in the house, or a garage, to small to take the car, presented itself. It was only when we moved to Cresta Gardens did the real opportunity arise, to go at it properly - a large loft space containing a room, with a dormer window - perfect. My layout as been in the building stage ever since and probably will never be finished, as theres always new ideas, not just those occuring within my grey cells, but in those of Jacob and Ben, our fabulous grandsons, who are both interested.

Above are views of Shirley, Bestwood and Mapperley (no reflection on the real places), both areas constructed outside of the room, some years later.Pictures of this area construction, which went on in several stages, are shown later.

Above: Pictures show the area within the room. Two main stations along with stabling areas for steam and diesel traffic. The layout runs the entire length of the bungalow, much of it out of sight, making running of the train extremely interesting when showing visitors - not that I get any - as they try to trace the path of trains, which one minute they can see, the next they are gone, only to reappear at another side of the loft.

Above: Show what I wouldn't do if I started again, as I have often been tempted to do, when things don't go right. My biggest failure is adding on, and instead of making it sturdy, I have made it flimsy - floating at times. The best way to start to build a layout is to have strong sturdy and level boards throughout. That aside this is the start of bringing the layout out of the room and extending it throughout the whole length of the bungalow - beams and chimney breasts and central heating boiler permitting.

Above: More shots of the corner. Nothing has ever developed to a plan - it just evolved, changing often as I went along! You can see the church in position, where it has remained throughout its ecumenical evlolution.

Above: Starting now to straddle the new stairs that we have had built to make access to the loft easier and safer than via a loft ladder. It also shows negotiation around the chimney breast to return the layout within the existing room. The trains originally ran on a double track from out of the room and back, part elevated to accomodate the different levels in the room, one side being 6" higher than the other. However, after running the trains this way for some time, my mind got working overtime on the idea that the space not being used, infront and around the track, could be turned into a village, with possibly a small branch line, and off that branch line could have been a small colliery, not unknown, at least in Nottinghamshire, so the space was developed into what is now Shirley, Bestwood and Mapperley. Pictures showing at the opening of this section. I love to see buildings on Model railways, that I suppose is my passion, where as others, like scenery, with minimal buildings, which in some instances works.

Above: The start of the extention infront of the double track. Note again my error with the base board. Instead of replacing the original I just tagged the new onto what was already there. Oh to have the monies to start again - the layout principal would be very similar, but how improved it could be, I might even go diital, like my neighbour next door.

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