Beeston Short Mat Bowls Club


Beeston Short Mat Bowls Club

Thanks to comments made by Irene Gardiner, one evening, at Dixie Derby square dance club, we are experiencing the delights of short mat bowls, and the friends that we have made since becoming members. We play, not full blown competitions, but Blacks against Reds to see who can win. We manage over the two hours that we are there to get through three games, two lasting half an hour each the third longer depending on how quick people stir themselves after the tea break. The last session can be any duration from 35 to 45 minutes, finishing just before twelve when the members,help put away all the equipment. Members also put the equipment out on arrival. Great games, great atmosphere - all games played in a fun and enjoyable way. Having said that you still want to win. The club has been in existence for a number of years and has even appeared on Notts TV, with speaking parts for some members.

Above: Pictures taken, February 2017, by a staff member at the Community centre,where we bowl, showing all four mats in action.

I have been co-opted onto the committee and act as volunteer auditor of the accounts, prior to the clubs AGM in March. An easy task considering the diligence of the clubs treasurer.

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